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Ammattilaisille Koulutukset ja tapahtumat Meistä Yhteystiedot Pyydä tarjous

Koulutukset yhteistyökumppaneiden kanssa

Olemme mukana myös yhteistyökumppaneidemme järjestämissä koulutuksissa tarjoten kurssilaisten harjoituskäyttöön korkeatasoiset laitteet ja tarvikkeet sekä osaamisemme käytön tueksi.

Olemme yhteistyökumppanina mukana myös Fennovet Oy:n järjestämissä koulutuksissa.

Lisätietoja kuten koulutuksen tarkemmat aikataulut ja ohjelmarungon löydät Fennovetin nettisivuilta:


Ultrasonography of the Back and Hind-limbs

We are delighted to announce a long-anticipated curriculum on musculoskeletal ultrasound.
The first course dedicated to the forelimb, was held last October and had a fantastic feedback from the participants. Encouraged by the success of the former course we are delighted to confirm that the 2nd part dedicated to the Hindlimb will take place in Mathemedix headquarters the 19-20 April 2024.

Ultrasound is often more effective than X-rays when managing patients with strains of muscles, tendons, and sprains affecting the ligaments. MSK Ultrasound is a valuable diagnostic tool for surgeons working in Orthopaedics and Canine Sports Medicine, as well as for experts in ultrasonography that are willing to expand their knowledge and expand their portfolio of services.

Our courses have a high tutor and scanner-to-student ratio (4 to 5 students maximum per system), meaning you will benefit from more time scanning and have close support from our tutors whilst you scan. Your tutors are Internationally recognised experts in diagnostic imaging and Canine Sports Medicine. Run over two days, with intensive practical time, the course will take you through anatomical regions, evaluating structures not covered in basic-level courses. You will explore muscles, tendons and more complex ligamentous structures. All will be taught using our innovative and unique dynamic interactive presentation methodology.

Several benefits are included in the package! Two weeks before the course, the participants will receive a login password to access online tutorials, including fundamental ultrasonography physic and anatomic tours targeted on MSK ultrasound. This material will prepare you for the live course even if you are not a skilled ultrasonographists.


  • Aika: 19.4.2024 klo 08:00 – 20.4.2024 klo 17:20
  • Paikka: Mathemedix Training Center, Espoo