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Steripolar –
when results matter

Steripolar offers innovative medical technology, new treatments for patient care, high quality durables, medical devices and capital equipment to public health care and private owned health care sector in Finland. Our company enables successful patient care by working closely with the manufacturers of health care products.

When we care about tomorrow

The environment, that we live in, is important to us. We want to honor green values with the choices we make. Our operations are environmentally certified and we require also our partners to have environmentally responsible operations. We aim to bring to market solutions, which allow us to support our customers’ environmental friendly way of thinking.

We have focused our expertise

  • airway management
  • neonatology
  • patient in operating room
  • surgery and plastic surgery
  • pain management and infusion therapies
  • gynecology and obstetric
  • imaging
  • hygiene and infection control
  • wound care and compression
  • veterinary